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I know there is no clear cut road to becoming anything in this business, but I go to the cia, and I have been in the school for 5 months now and my roommate who has been at the school for 6 months and just got in the production kitchen said that after you pass fundamentals, the teaching slows down, and I want to be a private chef later on in my career that I'm sure of, so I guess my question is should I withdrawal from the cia and go to a school like le corn., or jws, I want to learn as much as I can learn about food, because I grew up on frozen box food, so there is a lot of things about food that I don't know about or had a chance to taste yet, plz help
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@fritz1995 ,

Do you have any food service experience besides school? Also what does le corn. or jws mean. Schools? If your talking about J&Wales, unless it has changed greatly over the past 40 yrs. I think you're looking at the same type of curriculum.

I'm curious how you made your decision to only be a private chef? Did you just hear things about it? I'm just thinking if you heard great things about it, those things may be just like what your roommate is telling you. Jez, he only has a 30 day leg up on you, how can he forecast the rest of his education? Sometimes you have to be like a liver, listen to everything, filter out the junk and keep the important things.

Personally, I would stay put. Don't pigeon-hole yourself into one area of the industry. That is very limiting and if you decide to change later you will have to go back and correct things. I can personally tell you, I know quite a few people both friends and customers who are personal chefs. It's like anything else in life, it's not always what it's cracked up to be. It's like the minor leagues, you can be there for a long time and a small amount make it to the majors. this just from an old fart in the biz
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