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Problems with Freeze-Dried Blueberries - Seeking Assistance!

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Hey everyone,
I recently purchased a pack of freeze-dried blueberries and have been encountering some unexpected issues. I thought freeze dried fruits were supposed to be convenient and hassle-free, but it seems like I'm having a bit of trouble with the blueberries specifically. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced similar problems or has any advice on how to overcome them.
Here's what I've observed so far:
  1. Loss of Flavor: The freeze-dried blueberries I bought have lost a lot of their natural flavor. They taste quite bland compared to fresh or even frozen blueberries. Is this a common issue with freeze-dried fruits? Are there any tips or tricks to enhance the flavor?
  2. Texture Troubles: Another issue I've noticed is the texture of the freeze dried blueberries. Instead of being light and crispy, they have become chewy and stick to my teeth. It's not the enjoyable crunch I was expecting. Is this normal or could it be a packaging or storage problem?
  3. Rehydration Difficulty: I've tried to rehydrate the freeze-dried blueberries by soaking them in water, but it doesn't seem to work as effectively as I hoped. They absorb some moisture but remain somewhat dry and don't regain their original plumpness. Am I missing a step or using the wrong method?
I'd greatly appreciate any advice or suggestions from fellow forum members who have experience with freeze-dried blueberries or similar freeze-dried fruits. If you've encountered any of these issues before or have some knowledge on how to resolve them, please share your insights. Also, if you have any general tips on working with freeze-dried fruits, I'd love to hear them.
Thanks in advance for your help!
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The tip I have is to start shopping almost exclusively at farmers markets, it’s the only way to avoid issues like this entirely. Your purchased blueberry could of been harvested poorly, frozen poorly, etc. Have you tried multiple sources yet?
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