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Processed Cheese

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Hi All,

First of all - excited to be a part of the community again - was on here a few years back but then my account was closed due to inactivity (spend a few years traveling around Asia and getting in touch with the different cuisines).

Second - I have a question for the community :)

Processed quick serve cheese slices - normally coming in packs of 84 slices (approx).
I know a lot of you have used this product - as do I - but we just changed supplier and they have asked an interesting question: what characteristics do you look for in such a product.

All I could think of was weight per slice (to calculate food cost) and melting point (as we mainly use it in toasties).

So I wanted to ask the community - what would be the characteristics of processed sliced cheese that you would look for when choosing a brand?

Thanks a lot in advance :)
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I am a European, so I have opinions about cheese. Here is my take on it, and do feel free to argue with me. Processed cheese slices are a very low-rent product, so when I buy them I get the superior Kraft-branded 'Cheese Singles.' They melt well and have the right amount of nasty orange dye in them. As for uses, there is only one application in my kitchen for these rubber squares of awful: cheeseburgers (

For most all other applications they require a nice melting cheese that does not split when heated I use French Gruyere, sometimes mixed with Parmesan. Occasionally, I might use Emmental or Gouda, but never Cheddar (because it splits into oil and grit). For a mornay sauce, I will happily use a mature Cheddar. For pizza, of course, there is only mozzarella.
I dunno.... that stuff is cheap and nasty, and I don't see how a customer would ask for that stuff, its usually used in "instututions" like prisons, hospitals, schools, etc.
What you really are paying for is convienience, its pre sliced and wraped. If you have a slicer you should get the same or better cost with the 5 lb cheese blocks, and the quality is much, much better.
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I used a lot of it in my burger truck for eight years. It was the default cheese on a basic cheeseburger. I also had four other cheeses on request. I would say 90% went with American, or there were eight specialty burgers without a trace of the stuff.
I bought the premium stuff, it is much better than the cheepo single wrapped slices.
Eat what you want, I don't judge. I even have a package of Kraft deluxe American in the fridge, makes great grilled cheese along with some other melty cheese.
Deluxe American.
Not just for cheeseburgers either.
Use it for cheese enchiladas as well.
Corn tortillas softened in oil stuffed with the cheese and a bit of minced 1015 onion, rolled up and sauced with chile gravy (you could use chili but not at my house) and topped with more cheese and onion.
Bake or blast in the salamander.
TexMex Heaven.

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