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Hi All,

First of all - excited to be a part of the community again - was on here a few years back but then my account was closed due to inactivity (spend a few years traveling around Asia and getting in touch with the different cuisines).

Second - I have a question for the community :)

Processed quick serve cheese slices - normally coming in packs of 84 slices (approx).
I know a lot of you have used this product - as do I - but we just changed supplier and they have asked an interesting question: what characteristics do you look for in such a product.

All I could think of was weight per slice (to calculate food cost) and melting point (as we mainly use it in toasties).

So I wanted to ask the community - what would be the characteristics of processed sliced cheese that you would look for when choosing a brand?

Thanks a lot in advance :)
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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