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Processed food

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We all have our own level of comfort when it comes to processed food. I love a good can of tuna or a bag of chips. And I ain't making ketchup from scratch. But some unwitting folks out there really gamble with their health and sanity when it comes to processed food. Many of us like to spend the time to make things fresh when we can and when we can't there ARE options on the market that are reasonably healthy if a bit processed. But some things make me wonder, I mean really wonder! Take this for example:

Aren't there othe options? It's not that hard to cook bacon, it can even be done in the microwave. Or pick some up from the local diner. Or choose ham which is easy to keep in the fridge! The amount of marketing aimed at non-cooking folks is a major reason why we have non-cooking folks. Bothersome!
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The amount of marketing aimed at non-cooking folks is a major reason why we have non-cooking folks.
Dunno about that, I think it's the other way around. Many Millennials grew up not doing anything manual (except texting). They were taught working with their hands is for the unskilled lower class. So it stands to reason cooking is not their forte. The marketing folks just went where the money is.
part of the blame has to fall on parents and grandparents.  Instead of cooking, it is easier to slip the grand kids $20 and please bring me a McWhopper biggie fries.  we try to make meals a big deal (check your cell phone at the door) and get the grand kids to help cook.  I also don't want to make ketchup or catalina dressing, but is shaping a burger, slicing some potatoes and veg then cooking that much work?  maybe it is being 5 miles from any place that sells food.  
I think people ignore labels for the sake of convenience.

If more people takes the effort to read the whole paragraph of ingredients and amount of sugar added, more would likely avoid them.
When the vac packed tuna first hit the market I had a coupon for a free sample.

Got it home and opened it up and the stench was nauseating.

S'pose there was a tiny pinprick or some other breach in the packaging.

I have always been picky re dented cans and if by some small mistake miss it at the store it goes into the trash at home.

My family's health and safety is worth way more than the price of a can of tomato sauce.

When in doubt pitch it out......

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