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If you are a professional chef or restaurant owner (or other culinary professional), how willing would you be to take two weeks off from your regular work to lead a training program for young and up-and-coming chefs?

Let's say you got an offer to serve as a "master" chef for two weeks that would take you to the Caribbean to teach a group of young culinary professionals with exceptional promise over the course of two weeks. Your flight, accommodations, and expenses would all be paid, along with a fee for your training services. You would be responsible for helping select the young chefs to participate in the program, design a curriculum, and actually teach the classes alongside a local "master" chef. The classes could range from kitchen skills (i.e. knife skills, making sauces, etc.) to business skills (i.e. pricing, menu planning, staffing, marketing, etc.).

Any thoughts or comments on this concept? I'm particularly wondering if the time commitment is feasible, whether this is intriguing to attract talented pros, and if anyone has done something like this before.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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