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Hi all, new to this forum not quite sure this is the right spot for this post but here it goes...

I decided to come to this forum to attempt to get some insight on progressing in your career. I have been cooking for seven years now been in a handful of good restaurants and gained a fair amount of experience. I can beast a line pretty well my food is always on point I don't make waves at work I keep my head down and get it done. I'm an extremely big team player team is wat its all about and I am as polite as I can problem is for some reason whenever I know or I am told I am up for a promotion it gets prolonged and I either watch people around me get bumped up or just wait. I tend to leave A job if I feel I am not getting what I deserve and I feel like I am ready for that sous chef position I've proved myself in multiple kitchens I can do it, so why am I not there? I find myself getting discouraged at times....

Should I just be patient and put my time in at one place until I prove myself, or do you go out and get what u worked so hard for? did you become a chef???
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