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Hi, I am a pastry chef in Austin, Texas. I have always had a hard time finding nice, silver quenelle spoons with the right divot in the bowl of the spoon to give the perfect football-shaped quenelle. I was looking at an antique fair here in Texas not to long ago, however, and found a box of nice ones, so I bought them all. I know personally what a challenge it can be to find these, and I have way more than I need, so I have many of them available for sale now. These are primarily silver plated spoons. I have various sizes and rigidity, they range from $3-$5. I have an ebay auction currently up at

If you are interested, I can send pictures, and work with you in finding a spoon that you might like in my collection. The shipping will at most be the flat rate USPS envelope, a little over $5, but could be less, depending on the number of spoons. (1 or 2 spoons will definitely be less). My email address is [email protected]. This photo is a good representation of the spoons that I have.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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