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Often a boneless pork loin roast is two pieces tied together. In that case the tying is a real benefit. ;)
Uh yep thats exactly what I found out when i took it out. It was two huge pieces of meat that intimidated me. Luckily I had butcher string so I tied it up really good then cut the whole thing in half so I could fit it in a pan to sear. Ended up not cooking as evenly some parts were 150 while other parts were still 130, so maybe next time I don't think I'll cook the whole thing at once.

So which is it? Pork loin, or pork tenderloin? They are two different cuts.

The lengthy one. The first time i bought this I bought a "rib end" one, it was pre-tied and smaller. However it had like this ring of fat inside the middle of it. The pork lion I recently bought was like that really lengthy one but it was actually two pieces of meat package together.
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