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Question about starters?

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I'm attempting my first starter and decided to use Peter Reinhart's mild Levain starter. All is going well and I'll be ready to bake by the weekend. This question is to Kyle and others:

I'm confused by the amount of time you should let a starter ripen. Reinhart and Leader mention in their book about 4-5 days whereas Glezer's and Cookwise say 7-14 days. The longer the ripening time the more acidic? And how much should you feed a starter once it's ripe and want to keep it in the fridge(if you're baking bread once a week)? Do you feed it before keeping it or vice versa?

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I've been reading along.......I have read several of the bread books you "bread guys" talk about.....anyway I'm trying to figure out whom your referencing Bighat? I can't place who Ed Wood is, nor Scott and Wing.....would you mind mentioning their books or sites, please?

Also, I've never heard of the hearth kit for a home oven your mentioning, could you tell me abit about it?

I've really wanted to begin my studing on bread.....AH pastries....there's never enough time to learn all there is to learn!

Thank-you......I appreciate the links too!
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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