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Questions concerning pasta dough

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This weekend I'll be using my Marcato Atlas pasta machine for the first time.  On hand are semolina flour from Bob's Red Mill and some real Italian Caputo 00 flour.  The final flour mixture will be a 50-50 blend of both flours along with some salt.  For the dough I plan to use one of two recipies: Ruhlman's where the eggs are weighed and multiplied by 1.5 to give the weight of the flour; or, use one egg for every 100g of flour.  Any helpful comments are welcome.

The pasta noodles will be made at my house and will then be transported to a friend's house a couple of minutes away where they'll be cooked.  Again, I need some info concerning a slight delay in cooking them.  Should the noodles be floured and covered with plastic wrap (also during transport) or what?

Once made, the noodles will be hung on a pasta rack but for how long before transport?????
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I always thought that adding acid to a pasta dough was to prevent oxidation and keep it from turning that unpleasant gray/green color it can get after a day or two. 
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