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i was wondering if anyone can recall the formula (ratio.. whatever) for quiche

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i talked with my chef at school and he said 8 eggs to 1 qt cream. then my other chef.. a frend of mine uses 8 eggs to 1 cup cream. lol. i dont have a clue!
well, i used the cia ratio and went with 8 eggs to 1 qt cream. we will see how it will work.
thanks jock.

i made my quiche today earlier tonight. i used 8 eggs to 1 qt cream. i added cheese, herbs, and pesto. i decided to make it "crustless". i am going to chill it and then cut out small circles and serve them on a platter. i am going to garnish it with little fried, purple potatoe chips. if they turn out the way i vision, they should look nice. seemed to turn out ok when i baked them.

thanks again all.
i just sprayed it with pan coating. worked nice.

try it!
rice eh? neat. i like that idea. i saw a crust for quiche that was made with pasta noodles. cool eh?
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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