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Like these.

When I visited Vancouver not so long ago, I ordered these every morning for breakfast; now that I am home, I've been craving them. My search for a recipe has ended mostly in failure. I can't recall whether or not they used any fillers or was it strictly shrump grounded up and wrapped in a rice shell.

These are just so delicious to describe with words. Have anyone a recipe that they can share?

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I doubt there are any fillers. (in the traditional sense)

I can see some green spots, that might be some type of cabbage or something.

I would try something like this...

Finely chopped shrimp
cabbage (or other green veggie)
water chestnuts
bean sprouts?

Make sure everything is chopped fine and mix with a little rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, etc. Not too much, don't make it soggy.

Wrap, fry and dip.

Make sure you write down all the proportions you use and then after you've tried it, you can tweak the recipe.

Also, remember that they often combine 2 different meats in dishes like this so you may need to do a combo of 2 parts shrimp and 1 part pork or something like that.

Good luck :)
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