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I have had a hard time recruiting and finding the right experience levels of Chef and Sous Chef candidates for my causal fine dining restaurant. I think I must be looking in the wrong places. When I call restaurant's directly recruiting, chefs are impossible to speak with. I just joined this site and posted on the job search so I am hoping to get some responses. Does anyone have any best practices on recruiting or making contact with the strong up and coming sous chefs or experience chefs.

I have a beautiful waterfront restaurant on the North Carolina coast and never thought it would be so hard recruiting these positions. I would appreciate any best practices.
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Craiglist is free to post on and they have a section food beverage and hospitality. Be open with what your looking for. And be precise. If your looking for a new exec you may want to talk to some current sous chefs in the area. In my experience most executive chefs tend to stay where they are but a high quality sous chef who is ready for the title shot is what you want. If i was hiring a new executive i would not hire a sous chef as well. I would hire your executive chef and he should either have someone in mind that he will bring along as sous or you should let him hire his own sous. The chef sous chef relatuonship can make or break a kitchen. It is always better to hire your executive and let him place his sous chef. In my opinion this is a better bet.
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