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I am an Interior Designer and novice Pastry Chef. Wanting to tap in to the pastry experience within Chef Talk in hopes of some success in finding and locating a source for an under granite slab cooling element. What I thought would be something easy to find, I am quickly not finding anything.

Essentially doing a complete kitchen gut and remodel. Outside of my primary passion as an Interior Designer, I am a novice cook and pastry chef, WITH passion. I am trying to find a "radiant heat" configuration but for "radiant COOL" instead to chill the counter top.

Radiant Heat offers a coil configuration and there has to be something similar that offers a cool or cold coil that I can install in a specified area in my yet-to-be completed kitchen island that will give me an area to pursue pastry magic.

Anyone have ideas, recommendations or suggestions on where I can find something to chill the island slab? Thanks in advance for your help and ideas.



Granite Bay, CA

[email protected] (email)

DavidinNorCal (ChefTalk handle)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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