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I am a home cook/baker although I did study pastry arts 3 years ago and had a couple of jobs in a restaurant. I was forced to leave the industry for awhile so I can save some money after a financial "scare".

My background: I made it thru pastry school started out as a wide eyed newbie dreaming of her own restaurant, to be honest I get left behind most of the time. For some reason I developed a crippling anxiety during the course, that left me incompetent, and depressed. Thru time I believed I wasn't cut out to become a chef.

I am 25, with a job that pays very well and not nearly satisfying. I am here so I can regain my confidence, learn more and talk to my fellow food lovers (wth?).

Also pls. visit/follow my instagram:

It's still brand new so not a lot of posts are there yet. :)
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