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Roasted Chickens

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Roasted 2 chickens and made some potato hash and broccolini. And some garlic parmesan sauce drizzled on top. Everything from scratch!
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Wow, that sounds absolutely delicious! I can almost smell the aroma of the roasted chicken and potato hash just from reading your description. The addition of the garlic parmesan sauce must give it an extra flavorful kick.
I'm a big fan of cooking from scratch and would love to recreate this meal at home. Would you be willing to share your recipes for the roasted chicken, potato hash, broccolini, and especially that tantalizing garlic parmesan sauce? I'm sure there are specific techniques and ingredients that make your dishes stand out. Thanks in advance!
Very pretty! PLEASE pitch in and do a snazzy spring recipe for the monthly competition -- you're just the kind of infusion of flavor/talent (take your pick) we need!
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So yummy! This sauce is delicious! We really do put it on everything! It's unique but that's the way I like it :)
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