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room mates

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So, what do you think? is it totally cheesy to call college room mates before school starts? I got their info a few days ago; names, addresses and phone numbers. I have two. They haven't called me yet and I am not one to make the first move ;) but I kind of like feeling people out before I'm thrown into a room with them for a year ;) I just feel kinda dumb calling people out of the blue, saying "Hi! You don't know me, but..."
So what do I do?
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I went to college before you were born but I would call to introduce yourself and get to know each other before hand. Call on the pretence that you want to know what to bring so you don't double up on things like tv's,cooking appl., router,music,etc.
Have fun
I mentioned a router only because I bought my nephew one for college. It allows you and your room mates to purchase one computer line and you will all go through a router to access to the internet. Pooling will allow you all to get a fast service DSL etc.
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