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room mates

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So, what do you think? is it totally cheesy to call college room mates before school starts? I got their info a few days ago; names, addresses and phone numbers. I have two. They haven't called me yet and I am not one to make the first move ;) but I kind of like feeling people out before I'm thrown into a room with them for a year ;) I just feel kinda dumb calling people out of the blue, saying "Hi! You don't know me, but..."
So what do I do?
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If you want to call them and introduce yourself go right ahead.

I actually never called my college roommate. Just showed up...unpacked and basically ignored her. I had my schedule set up so that my classes were all in the evening since Im most awake during the night.

I never really saw her. Heck...Im not even sure I knew what she looked like. I really don't remember. :blush: I guess I didn't make a very good roommate. Although I did give her my refridgerator for free when I transferred back to New York. :rolleyes: Maybe I was a good roommate. :confused: :)

I graduated from High School in June and was at college in July :rolleyes: (College program for EOP students). Yeah, I never did get a vacation. :( So although I didnt call my roommate, I did call the friends I made at the EOP Orientation program.

We doubled up on things like Kuan and Panni suggested and coordinated cooking days. (Our dorm had a kitchen in the basement :D ) One day it was Spanish food, the next Colombian etc. We even had a laundry coin bin so that everyone could afford to wash their clothes.

Im sure you should call your roommates now. Definately. Doubling up and knowing what everyone else was bringing made college life loads easier. :D I do wish I had thought of bringing a router though.

yeah Kate,

my router cost me 110 bux from staples....i also got a wireless network card for my laptop so i can access the internet from another floor. plus my printer etc is hooked up to it. if you pool that resource....internet access is cheap if everyone pays a portion of the fee. :)
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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