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room mates

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So, what do you think? is it totally cheesy to call college room mates before school starts? I got their info a few days ago; names, addresses and phone numbers. I have two. They haven't called me yet and I am not one to make the first move ;) but I kind of like feeling people out before I'm thrown into a room with them for a year ;) I just feel kinda dumb calling people out of the blue, saying "Hi! You don't know me, but..."
So what do I do?
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Humm..I'm not sure I even know what a router is...
There shouldn't be a problem with doubling up on things; only one microwave thingy is allowed per room, and it's something you rent when you get there, and I'm not bringing a TV, or a radio (much prefer a discman). I am wondering how ironing is going to work (do you get your own iron and board or is there an ironing room or something, LOL), and I also wonder about the room mates' ages and how many years they've been at college. I am in the "mostly upperclassmen" dorm even though I am a freshman. I guess they took into account that I am 23 years old. Thing is I don't know if they stuck me with other older freshmen, or actual upperclassmen.
Well anyway, thanks for everyone's input. Guess I have to suck it up! Hehe.
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