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I've bought them on occasion too. They're better than other "fast" options imho. And when I want to make chicken salad, but don't have any cooked chicken at hand, I like these better than the cooked strips that are available by the cold cuts.

I'd say you've got the standard 2 hours for sure, probably more. If you have a SMALL convenience cooler, you could put it in there and help keep it hot. Add some tupperware of hot to help keep things hot and take up space too.

But yes, buy it as close to eating time as possible.

When I lived in Germany, there were trucks that would drive the neighborhoods like we have ice cream trucks. These trucks had racks of these chickens cooking on the sides, all basting each other. And there was a chain that specialized in rotisserie chicken, WienerWald that I indulged in too.

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