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Like the others I don't own or use a Santoku, I don't really see any downside to one either if that's what you want. You've narrowed your choices to two knives that are very close in quality and price point. I'd take the Kagayaki for the slightly better steel considering it's only a few bucks more but it's not like you can make a "bad" choice here.  

Don't let a simple choice turn into paralysis by analysis. Pick the one you like and enjoy.

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Hi Guys

Im back with another choice of knife that i would like your opinions on please?

I had my final choice down to Fujiwara or the Kagayaki ES.......... but how does the Kagayaki 'Carbonext' series compare against these two? For edge retention? Ease of sharpening? It is within my price range, just didnt see it!! 

Is it true that this is a good cross between stainless steel and carbon?  Obviously i know if you leave them wet they will rust but will this knife act like stainless steel in terms of not giving the metal taste in food, not patina etc......

Also if it was between these three, which one would you choose?

Thanks again


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The CarboNext series is one of the really good values in the knife world.

They take a great edge and hold it for a long time.  That said, there has been a long standing issue regarding the quality of their out of the box edges.  A significant percentage (but by no means all) come from the maker with really bad edges.  So bad, that they can't be fixed with a mere touch up on a high grit stone, but must be completely reground.  Unfortunately, JKI's extra-cost sharpening service is useless. 

Putting a decent profile on a CarboNext isn't that big a deal.  If you can't do it yourself, you can always take or send it to someone else and have them do it for you.  Even running it through one of the "Asian angle" Chef's Choice machines is good enough.  If worse comes to worst, you could always take it to SLT.  Just make sure to tell whoever will do the sharpening that you want 15* angles. 

There's some context that goes with all of this... A knife with excellent edge taking and edge holding properties won't magically transform you into a good sharpener. 

If you are a good sharpener, you can probably tease some extra edge quality out of a CarboNext (as opposed to a Kagayaki Basic, say); but if you're not, sharpness will be limited by your skills and not the alloy. 

Edge holding is very similar.  If you sharpen an average knife on a once every two month basis, chances are you'll sharpen a better than average knife on a once every two month basis as well -- or, get another two weeks.  In other words, not that big a deal.  


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Hi all

I have joined this forum as i desperately need advice on what knives to purchase? I will be buying my knives from as they are great value. I live in the UK,

I have been doing a lot of research about which make/brand of knive to get and wanted to get some advice from you before i make my purchase.

The two knives will just be used at home by myself where i enjoy cooking, and will be used for chopping vegetables and slicing chicken, beef etc... Not heavy use but may be used once a day to prepare the dinner!!!

I have a very cheap santoku and a very cheap petty knife at the moment and they just dont cut properly but these are the two knives i use the most and feel comfortable with.

1. So i would like my knives to stay as sharp as possible for the longest amount of time, as i have a brand new baby and dont have time or money to get them professionally sharpened very often, so this is my main priority of the knife.

2. Secondly i have ruled out the carbon knives and will go for a stainless steel as with the new baby i will not have as much time on my hands to look after my knives as well as i would like!!

I have come up with the following list of knives which are within my budget and wanted your opinion as to which ones i should purchase?

I would like to have a matching santoku and a petty but i am willing to consider mixing the two, if you think one particular knife is better as a santoku or a petty over another make/brand.

1. Misono Stainless Molybdenum Steel Series

Santoku 180mm - $96

Petty 120mm - $63

2. Kanetsugu Pro M Series

Santoku 170mm - $97 - (SOLD OUT AT MOMENT!!!!)

Petty 130mm - $65

3. Fujiwara FKM

Santoku 180mm - $72

Petty - 120mm - $40

4. JCK - Kagayaki KG3 - VG-1 Steel

Santoku 180mm - $86

Petty 125mm $54

5. Hiromoto Tenmi-Jyuraku Gingami No.3 Series

Santoku 180mm - $103 (OUT OF STOCK!!!!)

Petty 120mm - $66



My initial thoughts were to get the Fujiwara FKM as they are the cheapest ($112) and I am on a budget as i have my new born baby now!!! I have looked at a lot of reviews and seem to get good reviews for the price?

My max budget really for the two knives is around $160-$170.

Are the other brands listed above that are $30-$50 more, a lot better than the Fujiwara for what i need the knives for?

Would you be able to advise and maybe give me an order of best knives out of this list (1=best 5=worst) As this would help me narrow down my choice!!

Again i dont mind mix and matching if you think i would benefit from this but would prefer to keep them the same?

Im presuming that VG-10 is one of the better steals for what im looking for so which one has the closest properties to VG-10 from my selection?

Or if you have any other suggestions that may suit my needs and budget i would be happy to consider those?

Thank you for your time in reading my request and for your advice in advance.


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Just to let you all know I have finally made my decision and have purchased a Fujiwara FKM Santoku 180mm and a Fujiwara Petty 150mm from JCK!!

Thankyou all for your advice and help through this process!!! The wife won in the end as she would let me spend anymore than what the fujiwara's cost!!!
£82 Inc postage to the UK!! Bargain.

I'm sure I will be back on the forum asking for more advice and will let you know how I get on with them once i receive them.

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