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Hi Rhonda:

Sweet odor is great for scallops........unless some idiot added sugar to them.....just joking!!!

You should be able to smell fish, and seafood.......but, if it is "fishy", then pass on it.....

Smells vary with each me some smell like cucumbers, others like Tilefish---gin, or a faint smell of juniper berries, and others like the smell of the least the smell of the ocean on a clean beach. When buying whole fish.....the gills should be bright red (not gunky), and smell like cucumbers.

Scallops should have a faint sweet smell to them.....

How you buy them does matter..... It is best to buy "Dry Scallops" whenever possible......these are fresh scallops that do not have chemicals, and salt added to them like Suzanne warned you about. They are wet....tend to have an off flavor, and will "weep", when cooked.

I like Sea Scallops, and Bay Scallops off Cape Cod. The Calico Scallops from florida are like eating "Rubber bands".

Good luck with your seafood,

Chef Nosko
Boston, MA
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