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I have some muffin recipes that I really like. Are there changes I can make to turn them into scones?
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Biscuit to scone, not muffin to scone.
I add dried fruits, chocolate and spices to make scones of biscuits.

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Biscuits normally have fat cut into them
I don't add solid fat to my scones....
fruits, zests, nuts, spices
I have found American palletes to be very unforgiving when it comes to scones. They just think they are dry biscuits. So I just make a regular biscuit and add dried fruit and glaze the top and garnish with cinnamon.
Scones are funny, People say they want them but they really want fruited biscuits. cooky

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it is incredible the different interpretations of recipes and names there are between countries. Your cookies are our biscuits and am I right in thinking your biscuits are closer to our scones?
For scones, which are very popular in australia as in england,I mix very cold cream in self raising flour, bind very gently and cook in a reasonably hot oven.Add what you will in the name of dried fruits or potato, german i think and pumpkin which is australian.we serve with jam and cream. What do you serve with biscuits?
Your scones are my scones.....biscuits are eaten with butter and jam/jelly or cane syrup or white sausage gravy or meat inbetween them. But as a whole (unless your in the DEEP South with sweet potato biscuits)
biscuits are white flour without fillings or flavorings.
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