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Seeking a position in the states for a South African citizen!

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Well, I think it's quite obvious! I want to make a name for myself, working alongside remarkable chefs, whilst living the American dream!

Honestly, I know it's not possible to become insanely rich as a chef, it's just one of the things we accept once we've been in this industry for a while. But being able to pay the bills, write off some student debt, having a nice apartment and enough money to enjoy a few evenings out is quite enough for me!

After falling victim to a scam recruitment agency claiming they would land me a job, and losing $2000, I've decided to take a more practical approach and talk to chefs/owners directly. And where else better than on ChefTalk?

Here's a bit of overview about me:

I'm 23 years old, currently with just over 4,5 years experience as a CDP in fine dining establishments. My main interest is modern/interpretive cuisine, as well as classical cuisine (I'm talking about father Escoffier of course!)

 I currently have 2 qualifications in Culinary Arts (passed one with a Merit Distinction), and one Business Management certificate.

I am City and Guilds certified, and a Professional Member of the SA Chefs Association.

I'm looking for opportunities to grow with a company within the states. As far as my research has gone, I've noticed that the employers have to sign as a sponsor for a Working Visa.

I'm loyal and dedicated, a hard-worker and a team player, so if you're seeking a candidate that possesses these attributes, let me know and I will gladly send through my CV!

Thanks for lending me your eyes and reading through my proposal, I look forward to hearing from you guys soon!
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