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Hi, my warmest greetings to you whom are reading this post now. I would like to seek opinions regarding if a diploma from a Japanese culinary school and/or work experience in a Japanese culinary business be acceptable in finding employment in the United Stares?

I am currently residing in Japan, hoping to study both the arts of Japanese traditional patisserie and Western patisseries. Upon completing courses and/or obtaining work experience, I would like to return to the United States and create pastries utilizing techniques as well as ingredients from both countries.

My questions are as follows: 

1) If such culinary studies and work experience in Japan be of assistance in finding employment in the United States?

2) Do pastry chefs in the US need to pass governmental regulation tests before beginning the work? For example, sanitary exams, etc.

3) Currently I am narrowing down to 3 schools, of which A school trains students with high techniques but requires students to designate an area of interest at entry (which mean I won't be able to learn about Japanese traditional patisserie); B school teaches bread, Japanese patisserie, and Western patisserie during the first year, and students choose a specific area of interest at the second year. However, courses don't seem to reach high level techniques by graduation; C school teaches Western patisserie, Japanese patisserie, party foods, and cafe drinks in two years, but skills don't seem to be as in-depth as the prior two.

If anyone is interested, please respond in here and I can upload pictures of brochures from those schools.    

4) Will age become a limitation to enter this field? 

Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time and I earnestly look forward to your response!
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