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Seeking best chefs knife I can get my hands on

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Hello all,

This is my first post, and I realize that I am probably the 1000th person to start a thread of this nature, but please bear with me...
I'm not a professional cook although i've been actively following different online culinary courses for a while, but being an at home cook honestly my only customers are my wife and daughter. I've been using twin henckels for the past few years, and they seem relatively good , but I want to step it up with a new investment for my collection. For about a week now i've been reading as many gyuto reviews as I can on these forums and trying to get a good idea of whats out there. Based on past threads and what the very knowledgable and all-to-known BDL has relayed, i've set my eyes on one knife in particular. However, after approaching every distributor of the Konosuke HD Gyuto 240mm in my continent and being unsuccessful, it doesn't seem that any are available for purchase as they are all sold out and apparently not in production anymore?

All this being said, i'm looking for some insight/advise on a knife of the same caliber ( or better ) and style. My budget for my new knife is $300-400. I want a work horse knife that I can use daily for cutting/chopping boneless meats and produce, which led me to the laser style gyuto's. Also, if there is a set of stones or perhaps a few separate stones that you recommend to sharpen this corresponding knife, I would like to purchase these as well as I want to maintain the sharp edge.

I really appreciate any comments or feedback that can be offered, and if their are any specific questions that I should be answering please let me know.

Thank you,
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Aframes stock the Tadatsuna in carbon and stainless. Supposed to be equivalent to the HD2.
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