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Separating cream from milk

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So I know that cream can be separated from raw whole cream non homogenized milk by cooling it and letting it sit and spooning it off the top when a cream line forms.

Can we do the same after boiling the raw whole cream milk ?

What is the difference in cream separated before and after boiling ?

Which one of the above should be used to make ice cream ? 

Appreciate all your help in advance.
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I don't have the reference in hand but the information your looking for is explained in great detail in the first section of Harold McGee's book, 'On Food and Cooking'. If you're truly curious for more than just the sporadic replies from a chat site considering this single facet than I suggest you do yourself a favor and pick it up immediately.
In the beginning section in milk, there is a section on ice cream which goes into some detail about this as well as the suggested use of iota carageen
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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