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I used to work for a guy who called himself "The Master of The Rib Disguise." I saw the red liquid trick lots of times except it was pickled crabapple juice. If a rib got sent back as too rare, he would take the grossest side towel he could find and blot the meat.. too medium and he would squeeze it to get the juice to the top. One new year's he opened the oven to get a rib out, and it wasn't on. He put it in the frialator. Same with potatoes (baked) that he needed yesterday. The topper had to be the broiled lobster he got behind on, so he whacked a live lobster down the middle, drizzled butter on it and threw it under the salamander, the poor thing still kicking and it's little flippers going a mile a minute.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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