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So what is your worst kitchen nightmare.... For me it goes back to 1989. I was working at The Royal Garden Hotel in London, we had a banquet for 500 - roasted duck. At the hotel we would always finish baquets at the last minute and with a new chef running the kitchens every one was out to impress. As we (me the chef and three sous chefs) were sending the banquet we realized we were running short on duck, in fact we were 48 portions short.... After a frantic search I found the ducks - still in the oven so roasted they were nearly falling off the bone, I had net checked that oven nor counted the ducks after taking them out. What made it worse was the chef did not kick my *** - the sous chefs got it. And then it rolled down hill..... It is funny to think back on it but at the time...... I am now a counting freak!
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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