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Christmas Eve, slammed, special menu, horrible case of the flu.
I'm alternating between extreme chills and hot flashes, nose running like Niagara Falls, no energy, get the picture.
I'm working with an FNG (nice guy, just not up to speed) and the Chef; needed that many people to pull it off succesfully.
I'm running saute and finishing meats in the oven, as well as plating, so I'm standing in front of the 6 burner/oven combo, with a salamander in my face and a steam table behind me.
(Oh, and we had an archaic hood system that was grandfathered in. It sat 2 feet above the stove, about chest high, and only came out to cover about half of the hot kitchen).
FNG is staging and firing meats but needs help.
Chef is supposed to be doing app's and veg as well as helping the FNG...instead, he is sitting on a pickle bucket in the corner whining about how the place sucks.
I'm trying to do my job and help the new guy, which ordinarily is no problem, but I feel like death warmed over.
Add to that the fact that I'm dancing past the new guy on a tight line to fire app's and veg, and I'm starting to lose patience.
Chef's still whining, and finally I say "well why don't you just go home?!".
He looked shocked and said "be careful or I just might".
I told him it was fine with me, he wasn't helping anyway.
He got pretty red and angry, but pulled his @$$ off of the bucket and started helping, albeit with much attitude.
At the end of the night I thanked the new guy for hanging in there, went home and died.
Worst night by far.

The thing is I liked the Chef, and was on his side as far as how he felt the company treated him, etc., and had he whined about it while helping me I would've sympatized with him, you know, 'cause we're in this together.
Sitting on his behind while making me do all of the work made me less than sympathetic.
He was butt-hurt for a couple of days, then we cleared the air.
Still like the guy.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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