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About 15 years ago as a youg executive chef of a country club
I had a banquet planned for a Sunday dinner and award presentation following the clubs biggest golf tournement of the year and the club had requested prime rib medium rare for the dinner . I fired the primes in the cook and hold alto sham around noonish and proceede to give my sous chef directions for the rest of the meal as I would be spending the day out on the golf course cooking from the gazebo . When I returned to the kitchen to prepare fo what I thought would be a cakewalk banquet I found that somebody had cranked the hold temperature on my alto sham up to 180 degrees ( not the 120 I had it on before leaving the kitchen ) and my prime rib was sitting at an almost well done state . I really was flustered and did not know what to do so I called a chef friend of mine who asked me if I had any canned beets in the store room . When I told him yes he advised me to open several cans and drain the juice off and to spoon about a teaspoon of it over each piece of prime before it left the kitchen . The dining room was dimly lit with candles on the tables
so I thought why not , and I followed his advice . The meal was a great success and nobody ever new about my overcooked dilema . Thank you chef Jergen Roscher for saving my butt .:eek:
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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