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lol everybody,

Boy oh boy.

First, Ming we should have a drink? I'm in Vallejo--worked Napa,SF;Larkspur etc.......did some continuing edu at Greystone.

I'm Buying????

hahaha, anyway......if you are looking for work in Napa area go here:

look in the classifieds; search; restaurant or cook or chef or catering etc.

COPIA is currently hiring under the guise of Seasonal Elements, Chef is Mark Dommen do a search on Google for his batting average.

Other Jobs? Martini House in St. Helena--possibly cause it just opened.

best thing to do is to find a job, any job, then work a year and move to where you want to work in the Valley. Cost of living is EXPENSIVE!!! look in Classifieds for romates as well, and apartment rentals to get an idea. I live in Vallejo (20 miles south of Napa) and pay $400/mo.

Good luck all, hope to see you all here soon:)

Oh yeah, a story, hahaha.......I don't wann a tell just yet, cause i still work for the mf's

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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