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Aaah, maybe I haven't seen too many horrible times in my day (just yet) but I remember working nights at this one restaurant (about 5 years back) and the day time prep guy was ... lets just say not very good (it wasn't his career path anyways..).
So anyways, it's mid-dinner service, I'm holding down the grill cooking anywhere from 15-25 steaks at once, close to 45 burgers and a f... load of chicken. As well as pulling chits and calling orders.
When suddenly we run out of pasta and we are sooo swamped in the juice that my pans guy just loses it.
So now not only am I pulling tickets, calling orders, cooking lots of meat I'm also cooking pasta to order and cooking pan items. AND I have to start plates, finish plates and expedite..

The orders from the machine were to the floor and rolled around a couple times. The machine was about 5'5" from the floor...

Very amateur kitchen.. Never again..

I think I am still recovering to this day the energy spent during my time there...
Oh and to add: after seeing me work like that, everyone literally thought I was very much into the cokane! And I don't touch drugs. I don't think I could ever convince them otherwise! Weird stuff .. Haha
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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