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I'll get a twofer from you on this one Pump. I worked for a catering place for a while and loved it. I had never really cooked on a grill as it's like the remote control in that someone else always has control of it. So I would go out and grill all the time, and somewhere in my mind I recalled hearing it's dangerous when flames come out of the burners by the knobs. I mentioned it to the manager a few times, and he'd just say to turn it out of the wind. He assured me it couldn't blow up, and could only burn down but I didn't have to worry about that either. So one time we went out on a job together and he was running the grill. All of a sudden, he goes into panic mode, shuts it off and jumps back like something bit him. I asked what was wrong and he said flames were coming out of the ports by the knobs. I said yeah, so? Turn it out of the wind. He screamed "Are you nuts? It could blow up!" I assured him it could only burn down, it couldn't blow up... it never did in the 6 months he made me work with it. Then the joyride thing reminded me of the time I was supposed to deliver some food to a VFW in a nearby rural town and then come back and work another job. I left way early, but took a wrong turn and wound up in the back of nowhere on some dirt road where I couldn't turn around. I could hear the theme from Deliverance, I swear. I finally reached civilization in the form of a paved road, and eventually made it to the VFW. I never made it to the next gig, but the poor manager had arranged a rare night off with his wife and had to come to the shop because he thought he had to remake and deliver all the food for the VFW . Someone else had enough sense to work the other job when they realized I wasn't coming back. He was plenty mad but didn't say anything because you can't really accomplish anything by pointing out that I was stupid. I was already aware of that. They had the sheriff and highway patrol out looking for me... I wasn't too embarassed. That was my joy-riding in a catering van adventure. Ever notice how whenever you have a van full of stuff everybody and their uncle has to pull out in front of you so you have to jam on the brakes and everything goes flying? Gee I miss it. And I think instead of jazzing up grills with stainless and side burners, they should design one with an exhaust fan.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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