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Thanks all for the info but is there any videos to show how to sharpen my japanese knives/In the past month I saw a video online of someone sharpening some japanese knives which was way different than the way Iwas used too. My past with sharpening with my Germanknives was using a tri stone and sharpening technique was much different ,which for me I always had a razor sharp edge.Now with these type of knives the sharpening is different and I don't want to mess it up.
as said, all you are doing is rubbing steel on stone. main difference I can see is that your German knives were a single piece of hardened steel while a lot of the Japanese knives are a small piece of hardened steel surrounded(clad) by softer stainless steel or perhaps wrought iron. here are two posters on You-Tube who show various ways to sharpen and explain the whats and whys. a physics professor located in Newfoundland, he brings scientific method into sharpening and edge retention good basic, easy to understand how-to's

neither guy sells knives or sharpening stones.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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