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Shigehiro knives?

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Hi! I'm new here. I'm a chef in SF and I want to get a better gyuto. I've been looking around and found a Shigehiro gyuto that looks great but I haven't heard of Shigehiro before. I guess it's made by Yoshikazu Ikeda and I read that he's really good. Do you guys have some experience with this knife or exerpience with Shigehiro? I don't know this store but it seems legit. It's the Shigehiro 210mm gyuto in white#2. Thanks
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Shigeki Tanaka makes a mean gyuto in several flavors. Ginsanko (stainless) and blue #2 damascus. I haven't used his VG10, but since his heat treat is stellar on the others I mentioned I'm sure his VG10 is spot on. He's traditional - not one for weakness. [in other words he doesn't cut corners]
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