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short crust pasty for pies turns hard after baking.

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Hello All. Just started to bake at home. Like the idea of baking fruit pies. Why does my short crust pastry turn to concrete when placed in the fridge,, This is after baking the pie, crust is ok when warm but put the pie in the fridge overnight and it gets so hard,, How do you maintain that fresh baked softness ?
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That's interesting to read you write that you think egg in pie crust is American. I don't think so. In fact thought it was more British (or French) than anything else. I've done it both ways and with egg the crust is more firm bodied and "cookie like". That is not traditional American pie crust. :)

For a traditional American apple pie, try this from a very reliable source:

One thing I've noticed amongst beginners who come here for advise is that they often are stymied by random recipes from the internet. Be very cautious of source. If it is from a known person/entity you might be okay. But if it is from a random blogger... it's anyone's guess if the recipe is good or not.
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