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short crust pasty for pies turns hard after baking.

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Hello All. Just started to bake at home. Like the idea of baking fruit pies. Why does my short crust pastry turn to concrete when placed in the fridge,, This is after baking the pie, crust is ok when warm but put the pie in the fridge overnight and it gets so hard,, How do you maintain that fresh baked softness ?
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Ok Thanks, As Follows, 225g Butter at room temp. 50g Caster Sugar. 2 Eggs. 350g Plain Flower. ( Eggs only use one whole and one yolk).
Yes Eggs ? Short answer is I dont know why the eggs are there, Remember I am just a beginner, Searched the internet for ideas for pie making and eggs are included in this mix. The pie its self calls for uncooked apples to be  used  mixed with caster sugar and cinnamon. eggs white to brown on crust. I suspect it originates from America. It very very good if eaten hot from the oven. Just goes so very hard if placed in the fridge.... May be "dont put in the fridge".
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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