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I recently had lunch at a well-regarded, regional Mexican restaurant on Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago. The service there has always been wretched, but this was my third visit, motivated by what had always been solid cooking. (In many ways, the chef's restaurant has been modelled after his alma mater downtown - including the great food and the consistently horrible service!) On this visit, the menu was filled with errors and mistatements. The food wasn't at service temperature. The tortillas, which were topped with seviche (sic) were out of a bag, for sure. The main courses were over-sauced and they weren't made from the principal ingredients,nor prepared as the menu had described (U-15 shrimp blanched in unseasoned water and then tossed in a sautee pan to warm, instead of wood-grilled black tiger prawns).

My guest (a chef) and I just ate and shared our observations. I felt foolish paying $88 for what I was served.

What would you do in the same situation? The chef/owner was having a meeting three tables away.
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