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Should I get rid of knives with German steel?

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Hi all, new to the forums here, just been reading a bit about German steel, the apparent superiority of Japanese cutlery, &c. Have been working in a restaurant using super-dull house knives, and am moving into a more up-scale place and am interested in furthering my career cooking, so I thought it good to buy a few knives. I bought 3 Zwilling Henckels knives, an 8.5" chef's knife, a 6" utility knife, and a paring knife. It's sounding like I may have made a too hasty choice in purchasing. I figure I'll be using these on my station for the next year or so as I learn more in the kitchen, but is taking a water stone class (or simply practicing at home), and buying Japanese made knives really the best move here? I obviously want to use the best tools possible. Will continue to read and do my best to research on my own, but would be grateful for any direction and advice to make a more informed knife choice that will perform and last me the rest of my career. Also bought a Zwilling Henckels steel honing rod that I've been running my blades along at roughly 12-15 degree strokes, is this correct practice? Or are the knives in fact beveled at an angle closer to 20? I read somewhere that it doesn't particularly matter what exact angle the bevel is when honing, but am skeptical. Thanks for your advice, sorry for noobyness. :oops:
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As a beginner I would suggest using German steel knives as most of them are thicker and have a edge angle that is not as steep as the Japanese counterparts. Usually German knives have a edge angle of around 15 degrees which will take a lot of beating and wont chip that fast. On the other hand even though Japanese knives have a higher HRC you will usually find that they have a approximate edge angle between 9 to 12 making them prone to nicks when especially when used around hard bones. Zwilling is a great company. I have one 8 inch zwilling pro chef's knife and am very happy with it.

Which Zwiling line of knives did you buy? I really like the Pro line because of the rounded bolster. I use the pinch grip a lot and sometimes get corns on my index finger but the Zwilling pro is pretty comfortable and also well balanced.
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As I stated before, I think that these knives are very good for beginners, as in pretty easy to maintain and will do a good job in time. As for why I am "advertising" Zwilling I am sorry for that, I am a fan of Zwilling knives. I had a few by now and they never did me wrong. Actually worked better then a lot of knives. But probably I am a bit biased as these were my first good knives.
I have to be honest I did not know about the two Japanese knife brands. I checked them now and you are right the price is great for Japanese knives. I'd like to give them a try and see how they perform.
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