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In an effort to help keep ChefTalk on the internet I am asking all members who would like to see ChefTalk continue to exist, to please consider making a donation via our PayPal account. Last December we had 20 people donate and brought in a total of $602.00.

ChefTalk requires a little over $1,000 a year to cover all our expenses. If you are able to make a donation to help keep ChefTalk running then please do so by clicking on the link below and make a donation via Pay Pal. Sorry we cannot accept any checks.

I would just like to say that as the administrator of the site there are a lot more than 20 people who use this site everyday, and if you are using this site on a daily basis (or even a weekly or monthly basis) then I would like to encourage you to consider making a donation. Last year we did not hit our mark and the reality is that if we do not make enough to cover our costs for the following year then I will be forced to close the site.

Every year the costs increase, the more members that sign up, the more posts we have, the more posts we have the more bandwith and space we take up. This ultimately means the more money it costs to keep running the site. If we have 83 people donate $12.00( a dollar a month) a piece then we would meet our mark, so please consider supporting the site. One person actually gave $100.00 last year.

To make a donation click on the link below.

Make Donations
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