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SloeCooker ....what is that?

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Hi, I am not a chef.... but I am trying. So, yesterday I bought a Hamilton Beach slowcooker on sale to try it... What is the point of this electric pot???? I put water to boil in it and just wanted to see how fast or how's been over one hour and this water is just warm.... o_O

What's the point of this pot. Can someone explain please...thank you!
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ok so whats the point of cooking meat for 12 if you can throw it in the oven....well, i do that....steak at 450F takes like 40 minutes.... WHAT is the point of this 12 hour SLOW cooking process...The meat is supposed to be softer or something???
The point is, you have to acknowledge that meat just isn't meat.

A steak has very little--if any connective tissue, and should have decent marbeling--thin wispy threads of fat interspaced in the meat. This just begs to be grilled--much, much better results than "throwing it in an oven".

A pot roast, or stewing beef, on the other hand, has a lot of connective tissue and very little marbeling. This begs for long slow, moist cooking to break down the connective tissue and to dissolve natural gelatins. This is where a crock pot shines..

Am I making any sense?
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