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Are you looking for ideas of desserts that would exist at an American burger place to maintain a theme, or ideas that might better suit the British palate? What are your local future competition putting on their menus? That might be a good start to ensure selling what locals are buying and add a few unique items of your own. Do you have any local suppliers that you can team with and who can produce desserts for you or are you intent on making them all yourself? Traditional desserts or more "upscaled" desserts or a mix? Is your establishment a sit-down or takeaway? Answers to these kind of questions might help refine the question and the answers.

Take a look at the SWEETS section of this menu and see what desserts a British chef is successfully selling to Americans at his British burger restaurant. Upscaled British.

But another point is that many other burger-oriented restaurants in the US, really have a very limited dessert offering.

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