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Shakes; Do you mean milk shakes?

malts; appart from beer brewing malt grain what ells is it?

Ice creams; do you think I should look at homemade ice creams, investing in all the equipment; or keep it simple at first with crappy supermarket ice cream?

What is a float?

sundaes; sundaes ice creams; A great idea for an upgrade on plain ice creams (see above) though!

upscale them like a strawberry shortcake shake; The google search provides two comply different recipes for this! please can you clarify?

malted milkshake

if you view something as crappy, why use it

chilled beverage of ice cream in soft drink; example: root beer float

(see above) though!

was thinking more along the lines of the second link
1 - 4 of 4 Posts