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Then the only problem we have hear is that when we open a bottle and dont use it all, then the rest will go flat. I mean we have 2 litre and 330ml bottle on offer hear and I cant see you using a full 330ml bottle. unless there is a way to stop it going flat or to regas it

Edit; what kind of ice cream to you use for this mix
I'm thinking for dandy lion and burdock contrast a butterscotch/ toffee and fudge ice cream, something with a slight spice like ginger. What do you think

Dose not look like dandelion and burdock is that cheep after all


So much for the 20p 2 liter bottle of cola. When you consider that all it is is a flower and a Thistle

But I did not know they where making alcoholic drinks from it! Recipe of making it from burdock roots and dandelion roots hear

I see they use aded suger. So I wonder if the roots contain any sugar or not? as if not its not a natural brew
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