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Hi, and welcome to cheftalk,

Good timing on you question because we are gearing up all over the place to gardening.

It is much easier than you may think to put together a nice, productive indoor herb garden.
Just a couple things to keep in mind.

Many herbs will grow well in pots on sunny windowsills, in window boxes, hanging baskets and in
Tubs and barrels in a sunroom or balcony.
There should even be enough space on one south-facing windowsill to grow a selection of basic culinary herbs and some scented herbs as well.

If you have a sunroom or balcony, then four tubs planted with annuals and perennials and a good proportion of evergreen herbs for winter picking could provide most of the fresh herbs needed by a small household.

Light and temperture

The first necessity is light. Few herbs suitable for indoor growing will thrive in shady conditions. Most need sunlight for at least half the day so set them in a south facing window if possible, otherwise one facing east or west.
Temperture is important. Ideally, there should be warmth in the day and cooler tempertures and humity at night. Fresh air is also a benefit.

Wooden boxes and barrels.

Wooden boxes and barrels make great containers if you have the space. Boxes should be at least 10 inches deep.
Saw barrels in half and use them as tubs, or cut several holes about 2 inches across in their sides and grow herbs from each hole.

If you use a large barrel this way; put a narrow tube of wire, netting down the center, from top to bottom, before filling it with soil. By watering down the tube the moisture will spread evenly through the soil, with no tube the lower plants may suffer from drought.

All the herbs you mentianed will do really well in a boxed envirement, I would only recommend planting your mints in a separate contianer so it doesn’t end up crowding the other herbs.

Hope this helps
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