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I am catering my father in laws 70th birthday this Saturday, I asked my Bud Momoreg (who's due on the 9th :)) to help with the cake, knowing she is due, she came up with a great idea!!

A place where she is the cake decorater is going to make the cake, my father in law is an artist, and does incredible originals, but Monet is his favorite, so Momo made two 14 inch rolled fondant rounds, and hand painted them with food coloring and vodka, she painted monets "water Lillies" my god you guys, what an artist, when I went to pick them up at her home yesterday I was blown away. The detail, the colors, everythins was perfect :)

I hope to take many pictures of her work and somehow post them.
Thanks Michelle, great work!!!!
PS, the garden looks fantastic :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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