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Wendy --

Don't limit yourself to thinking just restaurants on a consulting basis --

There are lot's of catering groups (I'll leave it at that) that need/want presentation help/ideas/experience. It's somthing I am asked to do quite often -- not everone can follow through moneywise. I think that $75/hour might be pushing it in some locations but the $150/day or 4 hour morning or afternoon session could work....Ditto small hotels -- they often have bakers but not someone who is fully trained in pastry arts.

Ditto small inns and restaurant associations. Where an individual B&B or inn may not have the resources to hire someone -- the local, state or regional associations do. Often yearly conferences draw on resources from both within and outside an organization to discuss baked items, pastries and presentation. Conversely, if your area can support it, do you have the space to offer a class on garnishes and presentation? Not only for the restaurant community but to the public at-large. From what I have observed, the classes on basic garnishing, dessert garnishing and cake decorating around here always fill up fast.

I think that inorder to sell such a service, you would have to build a portfolio of side by side comparisons (okay - I'm simplifying here - but you get my point) your standard piece of cheesecake, carrot cake, etc) then an upgraded version. Maybe poll your local restaurant association or neighborhood restaurant association.
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