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Great thread, I do have a pastry chef so I'll just say that I love the idea of a "pastry consultent"Many restaurants depend on pantry people to plate desserts or waitstaff. This can become a problem,especcially when you want your custermers to leave with positive ending to their meal. There are some really simple things that can make a world of difference on a plated dessert but they need to be shown to the people who will execute the dessert.

I had a guy last year come in with wonderful sugar work made from isamalt that he sold by the peice. i have to be honest with you,after I posted in the pastry chefs forum ;last year to get opinions on the stuff,I just brought it in and my pastry chef played with it until he was confortible with the product.

For a one shot deal for a consultent with recipes,demo and hands on, I would pay $75 an hour
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